Romina Godoy

Romina Godoy
Professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of Tango Argentino.

Romina was born in Buenos Aires , Argentina , and began dancing at the age of four years .
She has developed her great attitude to dance through the study of various disciplines such as Gymnastics , Jazz , Hip – Hop and Ballet .

She plays the role of dancer and choreographer for Argentine television and for famous theaters around the world, becoming a well-established professional on the scene .
In 2001 Romina decides to devote her career to the Argentine Tango and began working in the most prestigious ” casas de Tango ” in Buenos Aires , where she has been noticed by Miguel Angel Zotto , who wanted her in his company ” Tango por dos ” , with which performs all over the world .

In 2006 she moved to London where she began a distinguished career, receiving immediately enthusiastic accolades from the critics, both in Argentina and in Europe, as well Asia and in rest of the world, teaching and performing regularly in the most important festivals and congresses of Tango Argentino .

In the London she founded ” Tangosoul “, the largest Tango school in the city, which she directed until 2012 .

In 2012 she participates in the play ” Midnight Tango “, which has been represented for over four months in the prestigious West End of London, with great success as audiences and critics, and toured all over the UK .
At the beginning of 2013 she participated in the show ” Tango Macho ” that has been represented in Italy on a tour for more than three months, in more than 50 cities .
She currently lives in Genoa where she continues her career as a dancer and teacher of Tango Argentino Argentine in her new school TANGODOY .