I feel a privileged because my teacher is : an artist of world renown, a humble and gentle , a professor careful that follows each student ….. a special woman …

Francesca Bruzzone

In tango , like in any other discipline , there are teachers and teachers . There are those who aims to have many students just to issues of economic profit , without actually teach any precise notion , and who , as Romina , trying to convey with so much passion and patience , the beauty and the many shades of an art who loves and which can really be called a teacher .
Embark on this journey with her, it means to go in search of both the perfection of the movement , both expressiveness that gives soul to dance . And though it may be difficult , this is the only way for those who really want to learn the tango .
Who asks me why he chose Romina answer because it is the only one that takes to the track when in milonga , illuminates the ballroom , even in the midst of countless people .
And it is surprising and admirable to see how an internationally renowned artist like her, in addition to his skill and his talent , is also a person with extreme sympathy , kindness and spontaneity . I would love to one day be able to dance like her.


It is truly a great honor to have in Italy ( and especially in Genoa ! ) A teacher and artist of this caliber . For every lesson and every meeting with Romina emerges its absolute skill and passion in teaching Argentine tango , not only as a technique and dance partner , but also as pure emotion and form of communication .

Stefano Solano

Romina is a force of nature. She is intuitive and inspiring teacher whose knowledge and experience as a dancer far outreaches the discipline of Tango. Romina’s enthusiasm is as infectious as her sense of humour. Her quest to help her students become the best dancers they can be is unrelenting, but always fun. She is an absolute joy to be with.

Carlton Dixon

An excellent opportunity to learn and improve thanks to the teaching of a true professional and artist of international caliber . The ” Tango clases ” Romina is a perfect blend of style , energy and sympathy , a recipe that we hope winning the distrust of the Genoese .


Nice , simple , subtle and elegant . A great dancer of international level . Teacher careful precise and sensitive .

Anna Bellotti

Todos estamos de acuerdo para decir que tu eres la Maestra de los maestros.

Antonio Palladio

You are a wonderful person and a wonderful dancer and teacher !!! It would be a dream for a woman to be able to study with you …… In one lesson I ‘ve sent a lot and it would be a dream to have you as our teacher .


The tango is involving me and do not give up despite the difficulties . I consider myself very lucky to have a teacher as a dancer of international level , but also a wonderful woman who conveys so much passion and love for this fascinating dance . In addition to the technique of dance lessons Romina enriched with notes on the history of tango and very important thing on etiquette that should be used in milonga . Thanks .


Sends his love for tango lessons every time ago . is very professional and has clear ideas on what to teach. is a sensitive teacher who can figure out right away what kind of difficulties the student has correcting any mistakes with grace and patience .

Domenico Fadda

A great artist who manages to give his teaching the passion for dancing most beautiful in the world , one step after another , tirelessly , always with a smile and an infectious energy . You are unique !

Anna Sciutteri

Thanks for making me appreciate new shades of the tango , rich colors and emozioni.Sei a fantastic woman in your humility and greatness …

Ester Severino

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